Bettini and Boonen sampling Varese World’s course

QuickStep aims to keep rainbow jersey in the family

QuickStep's two-time world champ Paolo Bettini.

On March 20, QuickStep teammates Paolo Bettini and Tom Boonen will get an escort to check out the Varese course to be used for the 2008 UCI world championships in Italy. 


Three world championships have been won between the Italian and Belgian since 2005, and QuickStep wants to keep the rainbow jersey in the family for 2009.

“After the Tirreno-Adriatico we will be transferring to Milan for the spring time classic, a unique occasion for us to try out the Varese worlds too,” Bettini said. “Our season is so full of competitions that we have little time; if we don’t go and preview the Varese route now I doubt we’ll have another chance before the championship week itself.”

Bettini and Boonen, accompanied by a few other QuickStep team members, will be trying out the World Championship course with an escort put at their disposal by the organisers of Varese 2008.


“The reconnaissance of the World Championships route is important for me as it will allow me to judge the ‘weight’  this race will have in my season,” Boonen said. “This training session will also be a great test in light of the Milan-San Remo.”