Bettini to change San Remo game plan?

According to Quick Step directeur sportif Serge Parsani, Paolo Bettini's condition is "improving ver

According to Quick Step directeur sportif Serge Parsani, Paolo Bettini’s condition is “improving ver



Quick Step have confirmed that Paolo Bettini will be fit to lead their team in conjunction with world champion Tom Boonen. Quick Step team manager Serge Parsani told procycling Bettini’s condition is “improving very quickly, day by day” after his fall at Tirreno. “I was convinced that he’d be out for at least a month, but he was back on the bike within a couple of days. That was after the team doctors had told him that he shouldn’t touch his bike for a week,” said Parsani.

“I think that he’s getting his morale back, too. As much as the prospect of missing San Remo, he was devastated when he fell because he immediately thought about the fantastic form that he was going to lose. He won’t be able to fit in the six- or seven-hour training session that he would usually do in the week before the race. Tomorrow, he’ll do four hours and that will be his longest session.

“If Paolo thinks that he can do the race, that suggests to me that he’s not going just to take part. On paper, you have no right to win a seven-hour race after a fall like that, but then we didn’t think that he’d be on the bike so quickly, either. Perhaps he’ll have to alter his game plan – maybe he’ll be thinking more about the Poggio than the Cipressa. But Paolo will simply be guided by his legs in the race.”

Bettini and Boonen will be supported by Davide Bramati, Wilfried Cretskens, Nick Nuyens, Filippo Pozzato, Matteo Tosatto and Guido Trenti in Saturday’s race.


Meanwhile, Boonen is due to receive the long-windedly named Oscar Gazzetta-Bici d’Or Fausto Coppi 2005 award for being the best rider of the 2005 season. The award is decided on by sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport and a number of people who were close to five-time Giro d’Italia winner Coppi, whose two children will be in attendance at the ceremony in Milan.