Bike business scheme for Los Angeles residents

Training in manufacture, riding and repair

The scheme will offer training in bike maintenance and repair.

A new scheme has been launched in Los Angeles to provide residents with training and employment in bike business management, manufacture and repair.


Bikes made through the Social Bike Business will be sold at dedicated shops in low-income areas.

The scheme will provide residents with training in riding and maintaining their own bike. They will also be offered help to develop their own businesses using them, such as mobile souvenir carts, delivery bicycles and even bicycle taxis.

The project is being coordinated by CICLE (Cyclists Inciting Change through Live Exchange), a non-profit organization that aims to promote cycling as a sustainable form of transport in Los Angeles.


“Bicycling is not only an environmentally friendly form of transportation but for many of our community’s residents who are transit dependent, it is also an effective and low cost means of contributing to their livelihoods,” said Los Angeles Councilmember Ed Reyes. “CICLE’s social bike business project fulfils a great need in my district and I fully support their efforts.”