Bike Demo Day snapper wins European photography award

Afan Argoed picture gets honourable mention

Photographer Tim Fisher, who captured some inspirational images at BikeRadar Live and this year’s Bike Demo Days, has won a top prize at one of Europe’s most prestigious competitions.


Tim won the professional advertising category award at Paris’s Prix de la Photographie for his ‘Jaguar’ image.

He was also given honourable mentions for the mountain biking photos he took at our Afan Bike Demo Day (which, incidentally, we think should definitely have won) and at a marathon event in 2008.

Tim said: “The Bike Demo Day at Afan was a day to be indoors! It started off well enough but the colder it got the more the rain turned to sleet and then to snow – not a day to be standing, stationary, at the bottom of the demo trail!

“Thankfully the camera gear and three off-camera flash units behaved flawlessly.”

Our Bike Demo Days are the perfect opportunity to test ride bikes from the best manufacturers in the world including Trek, Lapierre, Corsair, Norco, Cotic, Gary Fisher, Diamondback, Raleigh, Pronghorn and Yeti.


We’ll have details of the venues and dates for 2010 soon, so keep an eye on BikeRadar for the lowdown.