Bike rental comes to Cheltenham town centre

Bikes for hire, Paris-style


Cheltenham town centre has joined Paris, Barcelona and other European cities in adopting a self-service bike hire scheme.


There’ll be thirty ‘OYBike’ bikes located across nine locations in the town, with the first half hour of rental free. Here are the charges for rental times after half an hour:

  • 31 minutes – 60 minutes: £2.00
  • 61 minutes – 120 minutes: £4.00
  • 121 minutes – 180 minutes: £6.00
  • Over 181 minutes (Whole day charge- 24 Hours): £8.00

Customers can use their mobile phone to release the OYBike from its rental station, and the scheme organisers have worked with First Great Western to provide an OYBike link at Cheltenham train station, allowing commuters to ride into the town.


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