Bikefest Update April 2007

An update from The Bikefest Team The Ritchey Bristol Bikefest is going into its 5th season and has

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An update from The Bikefest Team


The Ritchey Bristol Bikefest is going into its 5th season and has been going from strength to strength since it was launched in 2003. Over the years the event has grown into one of the main endurance events in the UK calendar and 2007 will be no exception. Following last year’s massive success the interest so far has been close to outstanding and the entries have been coming in thick and fast since the new website was launched a few weeks back.

Ritchey Bristol Bikefest Entries – solo and Saturday event filling up quickly
The 12 hour event on Saturday (9th June ’07) is very busy so far, with the solo category being especially popular. With limited solo entries being accepted into the event (and we are getting close to that limit) all solo riders should enter quickly to avoid disappointment. Looking at the entry numbers at the beginning of April in 2006 we are roughly 250% up so everybody interested in the Ritchey Bristol Bikefest 2007 should enter soon. To enter the Bristol Bikefest click here, click on the ENTRIES and download the entry form.

UK Single Speed Champs – later start time Sunday 6 hour event
With the UK Single Speed Championships taking place over the Bristol Bikefest weekend and with the main Single Speed race being held on Sunday morning (for details and entry facilities click here and here) the 6 hour team and solo endurance event will start at the later time of 11am. So if you are taking part in the 12 hour event on Sunday why don’t you give it ‘another’ go on the Sunday – either on your own or in a team.

Exhibition area
As lots of industry folk seem to like the relaxed atmosphere and the great course in Bristol, we have a growing interest from distributors to join the expo. So far we have bookings from Ritchey, Kona, High5, Shred, Giant, Cannondale, Cube, Marin, Santa Cruz and Hope. All these guys will have their latest gear on display and a selection of test bikes available.and if you know the Bristol course you know what a great test track in particular for suspension products it is. We are in discussions with quite a few more companies but more about those soon.

Kona Cheddar Bikefest Entries – get your entry in early
But there is obviously more happening on the Bike-Fest front than only the Ritchey Bristol Bikefest. The old classic Cheddar Challenge now called Kona Cheddar Bikefest, ( is having its revival in 2007. After the event being put on hold in 2006 we have joined forces with the old organiser and are bringing it back to live. As at the Bristol Bikefest riders can expect a relaxed atmosphere, a great course with all the old favourites, excellent camping facilities and lots of new gear to check out.

Considering the event is almost six months away the entries are going rather well with the 8 hour event being the most popular at the moment. Going by feedback we have had so far in particular the night laps (sponsored by NiteRider) seem to be what the riders are looking forward to. If you want to make sure that you have a worthy ending to your 2007 event season make sure you get your entry in soon.

With the event being positioned at the end of the summer lots of exhibitors will have their 2008 products on display and possibly ready for test. So besides having a great race you can have a good look around the expo check out what the biking future holds in store for us and maybe even get the chance to test a few brand new products before they even make it into the magazines.

To enter the Kona Cheddar Bikefest please go to here, click on the ENTRIES and download the entry form.

And don’t forget the Cheddar Bikefest is held at the Broadway House Camping Park which has special offers for the riders and first class facilities. Not to mention the excellent stationary caravans.


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