BikeRadar bargains: Cleaning and maintenance

Clean up your act for your next event

Inner tubes, bike cleaner, clothes wash. They’re not glamorous, they’re not eye-catching, and we’d hardly lust over them, but if you want to make sure your ride stays sweet and your kit in good condition, then they’re the products you do need to fork out for regularly. Luckily, we’ve found a few bargains to help you keep the price down so you have more money for bike bling you actually want.


From some handy maintenance essentials to products to keep both your kit and yourself clean, check out our selection of bargain cleaning and maintenance products.

Continental Quality Road Long Valve Inner Tube  £9.99 £3.40

Continental inner tubes: continental inner tubes

Because you always need inner tubes, right? And it’s inevitable that when you want one there’s none to hand and you have to fork out full whack… so best get a stash in for those just-in-case moments. These feature a long valve for wheels with deep rim sections.

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Assos Active Wear Cleanser 300ml  £13.99 £8.99

Assos active wear cleanser: assos active wear cleanser

If you’ve forked out lots of money on pricey kit, the last thing you want is the regular trips to the washing machine fading the colours, sapping the Lycra, and generally ruining it. Clothing company Assos have created an active wear cleaner which, they say, is gentle on technical fabrics while also effective at cleaning

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Muc-Off Sportive Kit  £29.99 £17.99

Muc-Off sportive kit: muc-off sportive kit

Got a sportive coming up this year? Make sure your bike is in tip top condition with this Muc-Off kit which includes cleaner plus wet and dry lube. The set even has products to make sure you are also in great nick, with some Dry Shower personal wash spray and recovery balm to soothe those aching muscles.

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X-Tools Home Mechanic Prep Stand & Workshop Mat  £89.99 £64.99

X-Tools bike work stand and mat: x-tools bike work stand and mat

Fancy doing a bit of home maintenance? You’ll make things much easier on yourself with a work stand, and this one from X-Tools comes with it’s own mat, so you don’t have to worry about grease splashes on the floor.

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Purple Harry Bike Floss   £4.00 £3.59

Purple harry bike floss: purple harry bike floss

It may not be a huge discount, but this is a handy product for those who are perfectionist about cleaning their cassettes, but don’t want to go quite as far as taking it apart or breaking out the spare toothbrush. It works a lot like tooth floss, with soft fluffy and flexible strands that can be drawn through tight spaces to clear out the dirt and crud.

Pedros Bike Lust Bike Polish  £14.99 £8.00

Pedros bike lust bike polish: pedros bike lust bike polish

The only thing that’s better than looking at a beautiful shiny bike is looking at your own beautiful shiny bike. Get that just-bought sheen back by giving it a buff with a spot of polish once you’ve cleaned it. Pedro Bike Lust Bike Polish should do the trick.


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