BikeRadar Bargains: winter deals wonderland

Winter cycling kit to keep you snug, warm and dry

The temperature is dropping, the wind is a-blowing, but we know you won’t let a little thing like winter weather get between you and your riding. If you’re looking to keep warm and dry while you’re out on your bike, take a gander at these winter cycling bargains. 


Specialized Womens SL Pro Winter Partial Gore Windstopper Jacket 2015 £149.99  £74.98

A toasty mid- or outer-layer jacket from specialized:

Still available in sizes XS to L, this Wind Stopper jacket has a three-layer construction to keep those chill breezes at bay. Designed to be worn as an outer layer with a jersey or baselayer, pop a waterproof jacket over the top and you have plenty of insulation and protecton from the elements. 

Available now at a 50% discount from CycleStore

Altura Night Vision Windproof Cycling Jacket £69.99  £34.99

Keep off the wind, light up the night with the altura night vision windproof jacket:

Cold weather isn’t the only thing autumn and winter riders have to contend with – there’s also the joy of dark, gloomy mornings and evenings. If you want a little hi-vis and reflective gear in your winter wardrobe, then the Altura Night Vision Windproof jacket is great for when it’s cold, windy, dry and dark. 

Available now at a 50% discount from CycleStore

Assos Winter Bootie S7 £69.99  £35.00

The assos winter bootie will keep your tootsies toasty:

Keep your toes as warm as your torso with a snug winter cover like this one from Assos. 

Available now at a 50% discount from Evans Cycles

Odlo Evolution X-Light Men’s and Women’s Base Layers £29.99  £17.99

Odlo evolution cycling base layers are great for adding some insulation in cool weather:

Baselayers make a great wardrobe staple year-round. They wick away sweat in the summer, and provide welcome insulation in wintry weather. So actually, you get a double whammy of usefulness with the Odlo Evolution base layer. There are options for both men and women, a good range of sizes and some colour choice. Okay, that mean’s black or white, but it’s still a choice. 

Both the men’s baselayer and the women’s baselayer are available now at a 40% discount from Tweeks Cycles

CycleOps Super Magneto Pro Winter Training Kit £499.99  £319.99

Too wet, cold or risky to cycle outside? that’s when indoor trainers like the cycleops comes in handy: too wet, cold or risky to cycle outside? that’s when indoor trainers like the cycleops comes in handy

Sometimes, heading out into the rain, wind and darkness just doesn’t seem like such a good idea. This CycleOps turbo trainer is ideal for just such moments. A magnetic trainer, it comes complete with riser blocks, training mat, sweat guard and a Virtual Training two week free trial, meaning you can keep your winter legs ticking over so you’re ready and raring to go when spring rolls around. 

Available now at a 36% discount from Chain Reaction Cycles

SealSkinz Extra Cold Winter Cycling Gloves £50.00  £36.91

Keep your digits warm with these sealskinz winter cycling gloves: keep your digits warm with these sealskinz winter cycling gloves

It’s hard to brake, change gear or hold on to the handlebars if your fingers are turning blue with the cold. A pair of SealSkinz Extra Cold winter cycling gloves will ward off the frostbite.

Both men’s and women’s versions are available at a 26% discount from Outdoor Gear

Shimano MW81 Gore-Tex Winter SPD Shoes £159.99  £127.99

Keep out the mud, crud and water with these spd winter shoes from shimano:

Don’t let a little foul weather stop you hitting the trails. These winter-proof mountain bike shoes come with a mud-gripping sole, Gore-Tex liner, and insulation to keep your tootsies toasty.

Available now at a 20% discount from CycleStore

Paceline Eurostyle Warm Embrocation Cream £14.99  £10.49

Rub some warming embrocation cream onto your major muscles to warm them up pre-ride: rub some warming embrocation cream onto your major muscles to warm them up pre-ride

Starting off a ride with cold muscles ain’t a great idea. Warm them up with robust rub and a dollop of this embrocation cream, which has a warming effect. Warning: do not confuse with chamois cream!

Available with a 30% discount from Evans Cycles

Continental Hometrainer II Tyre – 700c x 23 £34.96  £23.06

Designed for indoor trainers, these continental hometrainer tyres will save your precious road tyres from wear and tear:

Don’t want to wear down your road tyres on your indoor trainer? Grab a set of these Continental Hometrainer tyres with a folding bead, specifically design for use with turbo trainer. Available at a decent discount, there’s also a wider 700c x 32 option available


Available with a 34% discount from Tweeks