BikeRadar Live – Films showing in the Big Top

A rundown of what you can look forward to

Scott Coady meets a fan

A host of films will be screened in the BikeRadar big top, the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind after a hard day of riding.Friday


20:00 Scott Coady talk: Reach for the impossible: Riding with Lance Armstrong

In October 1999, Scott Coady, an amateur cyclist from California, laid plans to visit the Tour de France and get as close as possible to his heroes and the race he loved so much. Little did he know that the trip would set into motion a series of events and stories culminating with Lance Armstrong honouring Scott as his number-one fundraiser at his annual gala in Austin, Texas six years later.     

In total, Scott has raised over a quarter of a million dollars for cycling related charities with his films The Tour Baby!, Cobbles Baby! and Tour Baby Deux!  Along the way he has inspired thousands of people to follow their passion and reach for the impossible. Scott will share numerous stories of his adventures behind the scenes of pro cycling and his rides with Lance, Sheryl Crow and Robin Williams that will inspire you too. The Tour Baby will also be screened during the evening.

20:30 Standing Start, co directed by Finlay Pretsell and Adrian McDowall Duration: 13 mins

Just what does it take to be the fastest starter in the world? Standing Start gives a unique insight into Olympic cyclist Craig MacLean’s life, his unflinching focus and preparation to battle it out on the world stage – portrayed like a gladiator.

20.45 Road to Roubaix, directed by David Deal and Dave Cooper Duration: 75 mins

Directors David Deal and Dave Cooper, bring you a film that celebrates one of the most historically relevant races in the world. Rare interviews with current superstars, legends of the sport, mechanics, and fans lead the audience through the brutal, unpredictable landscape that elevates Paris-Roubaix to its epic status. Director of photography Patrick Reis and his team masterfully capture the beauty of the region through stunning panoramic views and footage of the race, riders, and the infamous cobblestones which serve as the star of the film.

22.00 First, directed by Clay Porter Duration: 1hr, 22mins

From the creator of Between the Tape comes First, following mulitple story lines, First documents the 2007 World Cup Series and World Championships of downhill mountain bike racing. Interviewed are over 30 of the sports top riders and team managers that collectively tell the story of both the 2007 season and the sport of downhill mountain bike racing as a whole. First breaks new ground in documenting the extreme and comparatively young sport of downhill racing, and does so with a depth and intensity not seen before.

23.25 The Tour Baby, directed by Scott Coady Duration: 65 mins

Scott Coady is cyclist, pro cycling fan, filmmaker and fundraiser. He made his first film – The Tour Baby! – to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation in response to his best friend’s daughter being diagnosed with brain and spinal cancer. Scott is Lance Armstrong’s biggest fund raiser, generating over a quarter of a million dollars for cycling charities.

00.30 Klunkerz, directed by William Savage Duration: 83 mins

Long before the mountain bike entered our global consciousness, the cycling enthusiasts of Marin County, CA rode pre-WWII bicycles down their local deer trails and fire roads. These ‘klunker’ bikes were modified using odd bicycle and motorcycle parts to suit their needs. It was from these humble beginnings that a billion dollar industry, a new form of recreation for the masses, and an Olympic event, were born. Using archival footage, still photographs, and interviews, Klunkerz tells the story of the earliest days of the sport from those who were there. Some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as some more obscure characters, recount the people and events that gave birth to the modern mountain bike.

01.55 Keist Park, directed by John Alaya Duration: 5 mins

A seven year old leaves his parents and his block for the first time to explore, observe and destroy in a vast new world.

02.00 There is a Flower in my Pedal, directed by Andrea Dorfman Duration: 4 mins

A rhythm of mixed media reminds us to dust off the old bike and go for a ride.

02.05 BMX Diversion in Brazil, directed by Bobby Carter Duration: 5 mins

Take a journey to the neighbourhoods of Sao Paulo and discover Brazil’s freestyle underground featuring: Balu, Daniel Molina, Leonardo Claro, and Marcos Paulo De Jesus.

02.10 Monster Track VI, directed by Luca Brunelle Duration: 7 mins

This alley cat is fixed-gear only. It was set on one of the coldest days of the year in New York City. Catch the intensity of riding in New York with some of the world’s most skilled city riders.

02.20 Bicycle for Sleeping or Maybe Drunk, directed by Ross Harris Duration: 4 mins

Guatemalan artist Edy Arturo Lopez Peralta shows off his one of a kind bicycle. Awesomeness ensues.

02.25 Holland Tunnel, directed by Neistat Brothers Duration: 4 mins

An illegal bike ride through the Holland Tunnel.

02.30 Village Bicycle Project, directed by Tricia Todd Duration: 11 mins

The Village Bicycle Project is about a shipment of 450 used bicycles which were collected by Bikes Not Bombs in Boston and sent to Ghana.

02.41 Some Things Ride a Bicycle, directed by Chris Jolly Duration: 1min

A series of chalkboard animations of various funny objects riding bicycles.

02.45 On Time, directed by Ari Taub Duration: 7 mins

This comedy marked the debut of director/screenwriter Ari Taub and captured the spirit of low budget filmmaking in New York City. Jimmy, a bicycle messenger from the Albatross Courier Company, takes us through the streets and boroughs of New York to deliver a package “on time.” Braving the perilous city streets, there’s nothing Jimmy can’t handle, or is there?

02.52 Lucas Brunelle Video, directed by Lucas Brunelle Duration: 12 mins

Over one million people have downloaded his videos. Lucas takes a bike and a camera where no woman or man has biked before.

03.02 Ski Boys, directed by Benny Zenga Duration: 8 mins

The lost reels of the Ski Boys, which documents their inventive exploits in rural Ontario during the early 70’s.


20.00 Scott Coady talk: Stories from the Tour

Scott Coady, director of The Tour Baby, Cobbles Baby and Tour Baby Deux, shares his stories about his travels during the Tour de France followed by a screening of Tour Baby Deux.

20.30 Tour Baby Deux, directed by Scott Coady Duration: 97 mins

Scott Coady is cyclist, pro cycling fan, filmmaker and fundraiser. He made his first film – The Tour Baby! – to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation in response to his best friend’s daughter being diagnosed with brain and spinal cancer. Scott is Lance Armstrong’s biggest fund raiser, generating over a quarter of a million dollars for cycling charities.

22.10 The Final Hour, Chris Boardman’s quest for the World Hour Record! Duration: 106 mins

What if the best British cyclist of his generation could go back in time to test himself against the greatest cyclist ever, Eddy Merckx – and set one last record before he retired. This moving and intimate film tells the story of Chris Boardman’s attempt at a new hour record. The cameras follow him all the way to the decisive day in October 2000 at Manchester’s velodrome. Witness the attention to detail and preparation that’s been the foundation of all Boardman’s great achievements – and which mirrors that of the man he is trying to outdo – as we see and hear from Merckx himself, who has given his blessing to this attempt. And we have the story of the hour record, the ultimate solo effort in cycling. No rivals, tactics or terrain to influence the outcome, just 60 minutes of suffering to try and ride further than anyone has before.

24.00 Downhill World champion Rachel Atherton, introduces Clay Porter’s film, The Tipping Point, and welcomes you to the world of downhill mountain bike racing.

00.10 The Tipping Point, directed by Clay Porter Duration: 70 mins

From the creator of Between The Tape and First comes The Tipping Point, the new film from acclaimed filmmaker Clay Porter. Downhill mountain bike racing is a world of sweat, perseverance and desire. A world filled with dreamers and dominated in 2007 by one cunning talent, Australia’s Sam Hill. Many in the know thought that Hill had both the speed and mental strength to come into the 2008 World Cup Series fast and leave it devastated and undefeated. Featuring every round of the 2008 UCI World Cup Series as well as the World Championships and shot anywhere between the United Stated, Australia, Finland and Canada, The Tipping Point is the sport of downhill mountain bike racing documented.

01.20 Question and answer session with The Tipping Point director, Clay Porter.01.30 Cobbles Baby, directed by Scott Coady Duration: 40 mins

Join Scott Coady on another amazing adventure as he heads to Northern France and Belgium in his quest to get up close and personal with the ‘hardmen’ of pro-cycling and the queen of the classics – Paris-Roubaix. The film includes behind the scenes footage of the USPS Pro Cycling Team preparing for battle, interviews with star rider George Hincapie, and Scott drinking in an Irish pub with legendary cycling commentator Phil Liggett.

02.10 Between the Tape, directed by Clay Porter Duration: 1hr, 30 mins


Between the Tape documents the 2006 World Cup Series of downhill mountain bike racing with an intense and personal look at both the sport as a whole as well as its top athletes. Following several story lines through the film, Between the Tape documents the competition, travel, as well as the riders away from the racecourse. Over 30 of the sports top riders, coaches and team managers are interviewed and featured in the film, with footage from a mulitude of countries worldwide.