BikeRadar Live: Mountain Biking UK Dirt Jump Invitational

Spectacular moves from some of the biggest names on the scene

The MBUK Dirt Jump Invitational will feature some of the biggest names on the scene

Come and watch the best dirt jumpers in the world battle it out for a huge cash prize and the all-important Mountain Biking UK dirt jump champion title.


4X star Will Longden said: “It’s going to be mint watching the riders push the limit in each round before busting out the big stuff for the final. With the crowd as fourth judge, riders will be going one step beyond to take home the gold and the greenbacks! From novice to pro, everyone appreciates it when the dirt jump guys put it all on the line to carve themselves a mark in mountain bike history.”

Danny Walter, editor of MBUK, added: “This is a great chance to see some serious dirt jump action up close. We’ve got some of the biggest names on the scene lined up and you can be sure they’ll be pulling their most spectacular moves to secure the title and that very tempting prize pot. What these guys are capable of is truly breathtaking. Prepare to be wowed and then make some noise for your favourite rider and moves!”

How it works

The invitation-only contest will see riders pulling out their best tricks over two days. On Saturday there will be a practise round and two scoring rounds, followed by one more scoring round on Sunday. Three expert judges from MBUK will then add the points together to work out which four riders will go on to the grand final, where they will go head-to-head for the winner-takes-all cash prize of £5,000 and a very big trophy. The scores will be wiped clean after the last scoring round and the crowd will join as a fourth judge to decide the overall victor.


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