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Riding technique – how to manual

How to manual

Every week we’re going to be bringing you a highlight of all the footage we have on our BikeRadar media player. There’s everything on there from ride technique footage to workshop tutorials, and the latest race action from Team BikeRadar.


We’d also like to get you involved too – send us your riding clips from the trail or the road. As long as you don’t add any backing music that you/we don’t own the copyright to, we’ll get your video on the player. Send your video files here.

This week we’ve gone for a riding technique tutorial. Learning how to pull off a manual can make your riding smoother, faster and easier out on the trail.

Once you’ve mastered this skill, it will enable you to carry speed through dips (think of that stream-crossing on your local trails), over drop-offs and through countless undulations. Pulling off a manual will also allow you to completely bypass tree roots and similar obstacles.


Watch the video tutorial below now: