BikeRadar video of the week: Brakeless street trials riding

Exclusive riding vid from Rowan Johns

Brakeless street trials riding

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This week we’ve got an exclusive video from

Team Ashton Diamondback street

trials rider Rowan Johns showing off some insane riding on his brakeless rig.

Rowan said: “I started riding brakeless just after Christmas ’08 on a particularly cold day – my fingers were just too cold to pull the levers, so me and a friend spent the day riding deathgrip.

“It was one of the most fun and challenging days riding I’d had in years, so I decided to just take them off. It really makes you focus on what you are doing, your technique, and exactly where you are placing the bike on an obstacle. It just makes trials even harder!

“I can hop higher and cleaner because of it and my general balance and control is also improved. I would recommend it to anyone.”

This amazing vid should whet your appetite for the riding on offer from the Animal Relentless Bike Tour, which will be stopping off at BikeRadar Live.

Rowan will join trials legend Martyn Ashton and dirt jump sensation Sam Pilgrim, along with Danny MacAskill, the street rider behind a YouTube vid that has taken the world by storm.

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