BikeRadar’s top mountain bike reviews

Who's come out on top?

Who came out on top?

It’s been a hectic year for mountain bikes and gear, with new component developments and updates appearing by their hundreds. There have been plenty of new bike releases using this great new technology too, which we’ve taken to task and reviewed as the year progressed.


You’ll probably know by now that there are thousands of reviews on BikeRadar, from the smallest tyre lever to the highest priced full-carbon racing bike. But which have been the most read and influential over the last twelve months?

We’ve gathered the yearly stats to bring you the top five mountain bike reviews on the site. So, who came out on top?

5] On-One Lynskey Ti 456

Lynskey ti:

Controversial with our users for its full five-out-of-five score, this bike was built through a partnership between On-One’s Brant Richards and legendary titanium frame builders Lynskey.

We’ve tested the cream of alloy, steel, and carbon bikes and we still believe this is the best all-round hardtail frame we’ve ever ridden. That makes the On-One Lynskey Ti a big, big deal.


4] Giant Reign X1

Giant reign:

Our review of UK freerider Chris Smith’s Giant Reign full suspension bike has been huge. That’s hardly surprising, given it’s the ultimate all-round bike for downhill or dirt jumps.

Chris sums it up: “I wanted to replicate a jump bike but with front and rear suspension, and to make sure that it wasn’t compromised just because it’s full suss.”


3] Rockhopper Pro Disc

Rockhopper pro disc:

In a very close third this year is the Rockhopper, which has always been a great value hardtail bike from the big ‘S’. With a friendlier frame feel than the race bred Stumpjumper, excellent speccing and a subtle but strong frame, this year’s Pro is a true trail thoroughbred.


2] GT Avalanche Disc

GT avalanche disc 1.0:

A great entry-level hardtail, the Avalanche Disc review has been very popular. It stands head and shoulders above others in this price range, and it’s even turned some of our test team off top dollar bikes. A stonking ride for the money.


1] Specialized Pitch Pro

Pitch pro:

The runaway mountain bike review of the year by a country bridleway, many of you have reinforced just how good this bike is using the User Review section on the page.

Specialized’s experience shines through in the Pitch Pro; an aluminium version of the groundbreaking Enduro SL, few bikes can match its stable descending and easy pedalling. It delivers the same performance bang for a lot fewer bucks.


So, are you surprised at this list? Do you own one of the great bikes above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.