Blog: Bernie Kohl hip-hops through France

Does Our Man Daniel Friebe have a nickname fetish?

Gerolsteiner's Bernhard Kohl (R) somehow tolerates Daniel Friebe's name game.

You have to forgive Procycling Magazine features editor Daniel Friebe, folks. He’s multi-lingual, a mighty-fine journalist, and has access to the world’s best cyclists every day. He also has a playful way of playing the name game with certain riders, and sometimes it gets him in trouble.


Friebe is a content provider, seemingly on deadline 365/24/7, so it’s common during the Tour de France to always be on the hunt for good content. As BikeRadar’s official Tour blogger, Friebe, thanks to his incredibly loaded Rolodex, has no trouble finding something relevant to write about, and because Gerolsteiner’s Bernhard Kohl lies fourth overall, it was just a matter of time before they caught up.


And caught up they did before Wednesday’s Stage 11. You can read Friebe’s blog about his ongoing infatuation with Kohl’s uncanny resemblance to a certain rapper, then listen to his daily BikeRadar Tour podcast here.