Blog: Durango dreaming

BikeRadar's John Stevenson absorbs Durango

John Stevenson enjoying Durango finest trails.

Durango, Colorado may look like a one-horse town to some, but the bicycle culture runs rampant, as BikeRadar’s international editor John Stevenson discovered recently. 


Our intrepid Australian, well-known in mountain bike circles, has spent the last 12 months dialing in the behind-the-scenes stuff for BikeRadar, which oftentimes meant more desk chair time than saddle time. When Trek and Gary Fisher invited Our Man John stateside to sample the 2009 Trek and Fisher line, the call of Durango was too much, despite his lack of fitness. He bravely soldiered on, and as many have found before him, the splendor of Durango and the surrounding mountains provides the inspiration to finish the ride with a smile.

Besides, he got the chance to sample something before Lance Armstrong


Ah, the sites and sounds of Durango, brought to you by the recently renewed John Stevenson.