Blog: Imperfection is perfection

A glimpse inside the life of the gentleman framebuilder

Brazing in his Chester, Connecticut workshop.

Richard Sachs has been called Chester, Connecticut’s best framebuilder by Rivendell owner and longtime friend Grant Petersen, but that’s putting it mildly. There are many who consider Sachs one of the best framebuilders of all time.


The curious thing about a Richard Sachs frameset isn’t the rich red paint or the curvaceous lugs that have become his signature the past 35-plus years. It’s the reality that, despite the tide of technology pushing carbon fibre and titanium to the forefront, Sachs sticks with lightweight steel tubing, joined to investment cast lugs by heated silver rod.

And his customer backlog is more than five years; his cyclo-cross team continues to win national championships, and Sachs himself doesn’t see to be slowing down on the race circuit either.


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