Blog: Phantastic Phinney, Phish and ’Fu

Ellis Bacon hangs with Taylor Phinney and Fabian Cancellara

Memebers of the Taylor Phinney Phan Club.

Yes, the Beijing Olympics has beach volleyball (and beach volleyball cheerleaders), and our man Ellis Bacon has imbedded himself among the cycling stars to get the scoop, play the Nintendo Wii, and sip Coronas, all in the name of journalistic propriety.


The big story on the track so far is the (expected) dominance of the Great Britain squad, and as Ellis sees it, the future star is 18-year-old American Taylor Phinney. It’s not every day that a recent high school graduate gets to propel a high-performance bicycle around the oval track with the world’s best, but Phinney has shown his true colours the past year, earning his place while gradually improving his stroke.


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