Blog: Will Belgium ever win the Tour again?

The odds are in its favour, it seems

The winningest Belgian of all time? Bryan Ferry? No, Eddy Merckx.

Quick:  who was the last Belgian to win the Tour de France? Who was the last Belgian to wear the leader’s yellow jersey in the Tour? Who was the only Belgian to win the Tour five times? Which Belgian does seven-times Tour winner Lance Armstrong think can win the Tour?


Tour aficionados will know the answers, but even the most ardent Tour fan has been distracted the past, oh, 20 years or so with Tours dominated by Americans (Armstrong and Greg LeMond) and Spaniards (Alberto Contador, Miguel Indurain and Pedro Delgado). In fact, 13 of the top 25 finishers in the 2007 Tour were Spaniards. The top Belgian? Axel Merckx, son of a rather famous Belgian, who finished 62nd.


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