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It's been three months since Scott Beaumont started Beaumont Racing after woodley years as a sponsor

Scott Beaumont brings it all back home

It’s been three months since Scott Beaumont started Beaumont Racing after woodley years as a sponsored rider (from the age of 4 would you believe?). So how’s it feel to be your own team manager Scott?


“I’m loving it. It’s the best thing I ever did. I can do what I want to do, control the direction the team PR goes in and generally do the job. I can see sport promotion and PR being my career when I finally have to stop racing. It’s not new to me, of course. I’ve always worked with people on sponsorship, promotions and media coverage to promote the sports I’ve been in since I started in BMX at 4 years old.”

Your second rider is Dave Richardson, tell us a bit more about Dave.

“Dave’s in the Senior Category and he rides mostly downhill. He used to build my wheels and then, last year, when he had some problems with sponsors, we started going to the races together and it’s grown from there. It’s a good partnership. After last year when Kona Canada jumped ship mainly because I was injured, I realised the worth of other riders to give sponsors better value for money. Riders do get hurt. Besides two feels more like a team.”

That irresponsible rag MBUK commented that you have always been seen as the perfect sponsored rider: polite, friendly, always wearing the right logo; yet you got dumped through injury when less suave riders keep their deals by being bad boys and getting in the mags. Do you think being the nice guy was the right way to go?

“Definitely. I couldn’t have done it any other way, mind you, because that’s the way I am. And, basically, I like talking. If anyone asks me a question and is prepared to listen to the answer I’ll talk. But seriously, I do think going the extra mile and giving that bit extra back to the sport has paid off. When I was injured Kona Canada dived sideways, but they were the only ones who did. I went to all my long term sponsors and asked them to up their commitment and they all backed me. And that was in February, well after most promotional budgets were closed. I’m confident that I can make that investment pay for them in all sorts of new ways this year and look forward to upping the effort for 2004.”

You haven’t started 03 quite as well as 02 though.

“I wouldn’t say that. I got a 1st a 2nd a 3rd and a 4th at The Bike Show, I’m leading the Dragon, 2nd in the Midlands and the ankle is 100 per cent. Between us Dave and myself have been on the podium every event until the NPS last weekend.”

When you embraced a tree.

“Yep knocked unconscious, forbidden to race, but did and saved 4 points. That 4 points might make a big difference at the end of the season…”

And so on and on. The only way to stop Scott talking was to promise him a plug for his website:


PS: With perfect timing Scott has just announced that the team will now race in Alpinestars kit. Expect the see the new kit on here anytime soon.