Boom Boom is burgled

Top 4X and downhill racer Scott 'Boom' Boom' Beaumont has had a whole load of Kona bikes stolen from

Have you seen Scott Beaumont’s bikes?

Top 4X and downhill racer Scott ‘Boom’ Boom’ Beaumont has had a whole load of Kona bikes stolen from his home and would like your help in trying to get them back.


So, if you hear of any secondhand Konas being offered for sale, especially in the Midlands or the south of England, consider whether they could be Scott’s stolen property. If they match the following descriptions, get in touch with us here at MBUK ( as quickly as possible.

The full details of the bikes are as follows.

2 Kona Stab Supremes 2005
White, blue and red. 1 medium, 1 x-small. Fox 40 forks, MRP, USE seatpost and saddle, Tioga rims, Hayes brakes, RaceFace Diabolus cranks, Tioga bar and stem, SRAM XO mech and shifter.

2 Kona King Kikapus
Completely standard with USE carbon bottle cages and USEseatposts and saddles. 1 size 18in, 1 size 15in.

1 Kona Dawg
4X race bike. Silver front end, black rear end. MRP slalom, Fox 80 RLT forks, RaceFace Atlas cranks, road cassette on rear wheel, Tioga rims, USE seatpost, USE seat, SRAM XO mech and shifter, Tioga bars and stem. Unused this year, showroom condition.

1 Kona Cowan
4X race bike. Light brown in colour, MRP, RaceFace Atlas cranks, Tioga wheels, USE seatpost, SRAM XO mech and shifter, Tioga bar and stem.

1 Kona Mama BMX
Red race bike. USE Alien carbon seatpost, Standard Industries handlebars.

1 Kona Explosif
Old 98 model, dark blue, SRAM v-brakes, Sun Ditch Witch rims. Other than that, standard XC bike.

1 Kona Dudu frame
No shock. White and blue, 4X full suspension frame.

1 Kona Kapu road bike
White and blue, standard road bike.

1 Kona prototype XC bike
Distinctive as the frame stickers are not lacquered and the sticker says ‘Chute’ which is a Kona hardtail not a full suspension bike. It has USE carbon handlebars, Atom stem.


5 pairs of wheels – Tioga rims, black with white stripe, mix of Hope and Ringle hubs. There are a mix of 20mm front hubs, QR front hubs, 12mm rear axles and QR rear axles.