Boost for Aitor’s doping defence

Sidelined from racing since last year's Vuelta, Spaniard Aitor Gonzalez has received some good news

Sidelined from racing since last year’s Vuelta, Spaniard Aitor Gonzalez has received some good news



Sidelined from racing since the end of last season after some irregularities were detected in two dope tests at last September’s Vuelta a Espa¤a has received some positive news in support of his defence that he had been taking some contaminated supplements. Independent tests undertaken in the department of biochemistry at Spain’s University of Extremadura have shown that “the 11 tablets contained in a box of Animal Pack were contaminated with other products”.

Gonzalez, who rode for Euskaltel last season but is currently out of the sport, supplied the university with an unopened box of Animal Pack for the tests. According to El Diario Vasco, once the tests were completed, another box of the tablets was supplied to the university and the same result was obtained.

The Spanish federation is now expected to give its verdict on the case. Gonzalez’s agent, Angel Buenache told the Basque paper he did not want to predict what the verdict might be, but said that “what we can’t deny is that this [news] is favourable to our interests. But until the Spanish federation makes an official announcement we will have to wait. My impression is that Aitor Gonzalez is going to be able to race again because he is going to be able to show he is innocent.”

Buenache underlined that Gonzalez had not tested positive because he had made allegations about contamination of the perfectly legal product he had been using both before and during the Vuelta. He added that last year’s winner of the Tour of Switzerland had spent more than 120,000 euros defending himself in recent months.


If Gonzalez is cleared by the Spanish federation, he is expected to start negotiations with Euskaltel for a contract to last until the end of this season.