BORA-Argon 18 team bikes revealed

Road and TT bikes that pro team Bora-Argon 18 will be using in 2015

This article was originally published on Cyclingnews.


German Pro-Continental team BORA-Argon 18 will be racing on board Argon 18 bikes in 2015. The Canadian bicycle manufacturer replaces Fuji as the team’s bike sponsor. 

The team has revealed the three models that it will be using in 2015: the Gallium Pro, Nitrogen and E-118 Next. All models will feature Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrains. The bikes have also been speced with Vison wheels, Speedplay pedals, Prologo saddles and a FSA cockpit and power2max power meters.

“The delicate equilibrium between light weight, rigidity and comfort is the cornerstone of our bike development process. We believe optimal performances come from an optimal balance of these three characteristics. We don’t compromise, so the riders don’t have to either when the result of a race hangs in the balance,” said Gervais Rioux, founder and president of Argon 18.

Gallium Pro

The Gallium Pro is extremely light, stiff, yet - says Argon 18 - compliant
The gallium pro is extremely light, stiff, yet – says argon 18 – compliant:
Argon 18

The Gallium Pro is claimed to have a 790g carbon monocoque frameset. Argon 18 explains that the bike embodies “the essence of what the company has meant and has been striving for since its beginnings 25 years ago”. The frame features a press fit 3D Headtube system, while AFS geometry ensures the dimensions remain proportional and well balanced in every frame size.

It’s likely ideal for summit finishes, and we think it’ll be so light with the pro-level spec installed that the team mechanics might have to add weight to get the bike up to UCI regulations. Argon 18 also says the handling is razor-sharp, making it a sound choice for twisty descents.

Each Gallium Pro will be equipped with FSA K-Force light carbon seatpost and crankset, K-Force carbon stem and bars as well a FSA BB, chain and FSA SL-K brakes. The team-spec bike pic shows Vision Metron 55 wheels (though the official spec list says Metron 40s will be the default wheels) with Vittoria Corsa CX 25mm tubs and Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 shifters and derailleurs.

Power meters are provided by Power2Max and pedals come in the form of Speedplay Zeros. A Prologo Nago Evo CPC saddle is seen in these publicity shots, but the team spec lists the Prologo Zero II CPC to top off the Gallium Pro.


The Nitrogen is a really exciting new aero road bike with a light frame and nice detailing
The nitrogen is a really exciting new aero road bike with a light frame and nice detailing:
Argon 18

As the first aero road bike from the Canadian bike designer, the Argon 18 Nitrogen was built to uphold Argon 18’s ‘Optimal Balance’ mantra of light weight, rigidity and comfort with the added benefit of enhanced aerodynamics. Argon 18 says the bike is stiff where it’s needed while maintaining compliance to reduce road buzz.

It’s packed with wind-cheating features such as custom behind the fork and seatstay brakes from TRP and aero tubing. The back of the down tube is also flattened to allow the use of a regular round drinks bottle with less of a drag penalty. It’s light too – under 1kg for the frame.

The geometry is based on the Gallium Pro and this could be a real breakaway and sprinting weapon for Bora-Argon 18 next year.

Spec is listed as being the same as the Gallium Pro except for the TRP aero brakes and Vision Metron 55 wheels being the default hoops.

E-118 Next

The E-118 Next has had a front-end update for 2015
The e-118 next has had a front-end update for 2015:
Argon 18

The team’s time trial bike will be the  E-118 Next, which features a new front end. It’s been redesigned and streamlined to create a lighter and more integrated model, while retaining the adjustment options it is well known for.


This bike will come with a Vision Metron Disc wheel at the rear and the company’s Metron 3 Spoke wheel at the front with the same Vittoria Corsa CX 25c tubs. Vision’s Metron TT crankset (presumably with integrated Power2Max) is again partnered with Speedplay Zero pedals on a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain.