Boris urged to deliver on cycling targets

Mop-topped mayor must get more Londoners riding

New mayor must deliver on promises says London Cycling Campaign

London Cycling Campaign is calling on Boris Johnson to live up to his pre-election aspiration and take steps to deliver more than a threefold growth in London cycling.


Speaking to the London Cycling Campaign at an election hustings Boris Johnson said he wanted to beat Transport for London’s existing target of a 5% cycling share of London journeys (three times the current level) by 2025.

LCC’s Chief Executive, Koy Thomson said ‘Boris needs to increase cycling levels beyond 5% of all journeys to make the city work as the population grows – without a trebling of cycle trips by 2025 the capital will simply grind to a halt – we won’t have enough space on the underground, buses or the roads.’

In addition to saying that he wants to beat the 5% cycling level, in response to LCC’s questions Boris said he would deliver a mass cycle hire scheme that’s better than the one in Paris; that he would clamp down on cycle theft; that he would support cycle training and that he would exceed Transport for London’s existing budget for cycling.


Studies show that improving conditions for cycle use and boosting cycling numbers is the cheapest way of making London’s transport and road system cope with a growing population. Cycling is also healthy which means fitter, happier and more productive Londoners.