Brian Lopes and GT part company

Four-time 4X world champion is given the boot


After seven years of delivering success to the GT table, US 4X rider Brian Lopes and GT Bicycles have parted company in order for GT to take the brand in a ‘new direction’.


The news came as a result of discussions at Interbike in Las Vegas. Brian immediately posted a response to the news on his website, which makes for interesting reading [the page has now been removed]:

“I guess winning the World Champs, World Cup series and being with the company for 7 years is not good enough. Some pretty lame excuses were given to me & if they would have just told me the truth I would have respected them more. I have been around too long & know way too many people for me not to hear news from others. That’s what happends when you have a bunch of corporate yahoos who really don’t get it. I do want to really thank Hans, Monkey, Steve Spencer, my teammates, the entire California office, and all the distributors who have supported me in the last couple years. I’m actually pretty happy in some ways and had some really good meetings with other companies who make some nice bikes.”


We look forward to seeing who he’ll be riding for in 2008…