Bristol Bikefest – Last Update

Only a few days now before the Ritchey Bristol Bikefest (9-10th June 2007) will kick off in Asht



Only a few days now before the Ritchey Bristol Bikefest (9-10th June 2007) will kick off in Ashton Court, Bristol with the start of the 12 hour endurance event. Preparations are going into their last stage and before we head up to Ashton Court to finish everything off we wanted to send a final update

Entries Bristol
The entry for the 12 hour event on Saturday (9th June ’07) has been closed for a few days now with entries being only available for the 6 hour event on Sunday now. So if you want to be part of the Ritchey Bristol Bikefest please make sure you get your entry into the post no later than Wednesday (6th June ’07) and keep in mind that you can only enter for the 6 hour event on Sunday. All categories are still available for the Sunday event. To enter the 6 hour Sunday of the Bristol Bikefest go to , click on the ENTRIES and download the entry form. To see who else has entered and who you might be up against check the ‘ENTRIES’ page: If you can’t get your entry into the post quick enough you can also enter on the day.

Loyalty gift
As mentioned in the last newsletter every rider taking part in the Saturday and the Sunday event will be rewarded with a ‘loyalty gift’. So if you have entered both events (doesn’t matter in what category) or if you decide to enter the other event on the day we will give you a ‘loyalty gift’ worth more than £ 20 when you register. So maybe worth considering giving the 6 hour solo a go once you have tackled the course on Saturday in a team of four or maybe the other way round. Our ‘loyalty gift’ offer applies also for taking part in the Bristol event and the Cheddar event later in the year.

The guys from High5 will once again be on site selling their full range of Energy Drinks, Bars and Gels. For this event I will be using the same drink strategy as last year which is to drink EnergySource 4:1 as my normal drink as it provides me with the energy I need and because of it’s protein content stops me getting sore muscles and for every 4th bottle I will be having a bottle of Energy Source Xtreme (Loopy Juice) – I find the caffeine and stimulants in this drink keeps me well focused and is great for when you need a kick to keep or get going – highly recommended.
Don’t forget to collect your Free EnergyGel from the High5 stand.

UK Single Speed Championships
The UK Single Speed Championships which will take place on Sunday morning and is also completely full. The start of the single speed extravaganza will be at 9am on Sunday morning – 2 hours before the ‘delayed’ 6 hour event will get on the road.

Timetable / last minute instructions
The event village/camping will be open from Friday afternoon (3pm) and will stay open till Monday morning 10am. Please make sure that if you are camping that you have packed up by 10am on Monday. Campfires and disposable barbeques are NOT ALLOWED under ANY circumstance. Please keep in mind that the camping is basic – no electric hook-ups and no showers. There is drinking water available on site. Registration will be open on Friday from 3pm till later in the evening and will open again at 6.30am on Saturday morning. Registration on Sunday morning will be open at 7am.
Start of the 12 hour Ritchey Endurance event on Saturday is 9am.
Start of the 6 hour Ritchey Endurance event on Sunday is 11am.
Start of the UK Single Speed Championships on Sunday will be at 9am.
We have a bar and food on site on Friday and Saturday evening with a local DJ on Friday and the famous Bristol Bikefest live act ‘Junction 27’ playing on Saturday night.

Directions / weather forecast
If you haven’t been to the Bristol Bikefest before make sure you check out the directions on our website: The weather forecast for the weekend is looking good again. Check the details here:

Once the Ritchey Bristol Bikefest is over our attention is going to focus on the ‘rebirth’ of the old classic Cheddar Challenge now called Kona Cheddar Bikefest, ( After the event being put on hold in 2006 we have joined forces with the old organiser and are bringing it back to life. The Kona Cheddar Bikefest will follow the same concept as the Bristol Bike fest with just slightly shorter riding times as the days are also getting shorter. But besides the great riding, which especially the ‘older riders’ will remember with a smile on their face from the good old days of Cheddar challenge, there will be an expo area with lots of companies showing off their latest gear which is more than likely the newest 2008 stuff!!

Entries are open – please go to, click on the ENTRIES and download the entry form. As mentioned before if you have entered the Ritchey Bristol Bikefest and the Kona Cheddar Bikefest then we will have a nice ‘loyalty present’ waiting for you when you sign on in Cheddar. It goes without saying that we will also reward riders who will enter both days at the Kona Cheddar Bikefest.


And don’t forget the Cheddar Bikefest is held at the Broadway House Camping Park which has special offers for the riders and first class facilities. Not to mention the excellent stationary caravans.