Bristol blasting

ost cities don't come with hours of top riding just a stone's throw from the centre. What with acre

With miles of singletrack just a few pedal revolutions from the city centre, Bristol’s the place to be for a fast lunch-hour thrash.

Most cities don’t come with hours of top riding just a stone’s throw from the centre. What with acres of concrete, glass and tarmac to fit into a limited area, there’s usually precious little room left over for the open spaces, sinuous trails and big views that make for a great mountain bike ride. But Bristol’s the exception that proves the rule, and local riders Abi Greenaway and Matt Carr are about to show me why.


Working in top bike emporium Mud Dock, they’re within easy pedalling distance of some of the best woodland singletrack anywhere in the UK. When lunch break looms and the neighbouring office blocks are disgorging suits in search of a sandwich and cappuccino fix, Matt and Abi head off in the opposite direction; out past the old docks, over an abandoned railway bridge and along the bank of the River Avon, away from the city.


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