Britain 1: Cavendish at the double

Manxman takes back to back stage wins

Mark Cavendish (T-Mobile) retained the yellow jersey in fine style by sprinting to victory in Southampton after 139km of racing on stage one of the Tour of Britain. The first year professional took his tenth victory in his first season as a professional to move closer to Alessandro Petacchi’s first season record of eleven.


The bunch was all together as they flew into Southampton ahead of schedule with Roger Hammond (T-Mobile) giving a perfect lead out for the 22-year-old Manxman who seemed to float effortlessly down the final 200m. Cavendish held off the challenge from Steven Caethoven (Chocolade Jacques – Topsport) and JJ Haedo (Team CSC). Cavendish reached high in celebration as he crossed the finish line.

“The team did an amazing job for me today,” said Cavendish: “The first 50km were tough with riders trying to get away all the time and we trying to control things but it wasn’t happening. It was very windy out there and any team could have done a hell of a lot of damage. Ian (Stannard) did a great job today and he paid for his efforts at the end but will be first on the massage table tonight. The team did a great job of riding on the front all day and I was just sitting comfortably. Roger (Hammond) and Frankie (Rabon) did a wonderful job for me in the sprint. Roger took me further than I needed to go at 200m and it I couldn’t lose really. It was perfect.”

“Robbie (McEwan) got 7 or 8 European wins in his first season and a few in Australia to give him ten wins and I have matched that now and I am really happy.I have one more victory to go before I reach my season target”

Cavendish is still not sure about holding onto the leader’s yellow jersey for the whole week with only a gap of 14 seconds back to Russian Nikolai Trusov (Tinkoff Credit Systems) and a long list of riders up only seconds away. “The margin is not very big and we will have to see what happens tomorrow. I am quite scared of tomorrow as it is a tough parcours. If I don’t keep the yellow jersey tomorrow I know that there are other people in the team that are going well. Frankie (Rabon) is going great so if I don’t have it tomorrow I hope that he will.”

How it unfolded

Tony Gibb (Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles) was the first rider to attack at mile zero and the constant attacking many many riders brought the race ahead of schedule. Cavendish took the sprint prime at Pamber Heath to move further ahead in the GC on the road. Martin Garrido (Duja Tavira) took second spot with Trusov limiting the damage in third.

The field were all together as they climbed White Hill after 25km and Frantisek Rabon attacked the field just before the top taking maximum EON king of the mountain points ahead of Samuel Caldeira (Duja Tavira), Ben Swift (Barloworld) and last year’s race winner Martin Pedersen (Team CSC).

Two riders had managed to break away after 40km to forge a narrow lead on the main field that chased for a while and then let the duo of Mikel Artetxte Gezeuraga (Fuerteventura-Canarias) and Piet Rooijakkers (Skil-Shimano) slip away into a two minute lead. The duo worked hard to stay clear with Rooijakkers taking both sprint primes and Gezeuraga taking the final KOM prime at Kent’s Oak. Cavendish took the final second bonus at the Hatchet Pond sprint prime.

The leaders were now 2’50” in front with alarm bells ringing in the main field.T-Mobile hit the front to lead the chase. Barloworld, Agritubel and CSC joined the charge for line in the closing kilometres with the young GB team also seeing the action at the head of the bunch. The duo must have thought there was a slim chance of staying clear as the blackboard showed a 50 second lead with 8km to go but they were finally brought to heel in the closing stages after over 80km of freedom in tough racing conditions.

Cavendish came round the final corner moving to the front and he held his position all the way to the line

A crash on the run in spoiled the chances of Robbie Hunter (Barloworld) who trailed in over four minutes behind the winner but is he set to start tomorrow’s tough Yeovilton to Taunton stage. The riders will have a taste of a first category hill after 80km. A fast run in to the finish will greet any riders who manage to go clear on the Somerset stage.



1 Mark Cavendish (GBr|T-Mobile) 3:07:46  
2 Steven Caethoven (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen)    
3 Juan Jose Haedo (Arg|Team CSC)    
4 Roger Hammond (GBr|T-Mobile)    
5 Geraint Thomas (GBr|Barloworld)    
6 Martin Garrido (Arg|Duja Tavira)    
7 Simon Clarke (Aus|South    
8 Matthew Goss (Aus|Team CSC)    
9 Tom Veelers (Ned|Rabobank)    
10 Ben Swift (GBr|Barloworld)    
11 Nikolai Trusov (Rus|Tinkoff Credit Systems)    
12 Aart Vierhouten (Ned|Skil-Shimano)    
13 Romain Feillu (Fra|Agritubel)    
14 Daniel Lloyd (GBr|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed)    
15 John Bellis (GBr|Great Britain)    
16 Bernie Sulzberger (Aus|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed)    
17 Johnnie Walker (Aus|South    
18 Christoff Van Heerden (RSA|Team Konica Minolta)    
19 Zakkari Dempster (Aus|South    
20 Michael Wolf (USA|Navigators Insurance)    
21 Boy Van Poppel (Ned|Rabobank)    
22 Evert Verbist (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen)    
23 Freddy Bichot (Fra|Agritubel)    
24 Luke Roberts (Aus|Team CSC)    
25 Gene Bates (Aus|South    
26 Maarten Tjallingii (Ned|Skil-Shimano)    
27 Martijn Maaskant (Ned|Rabobank)    
28 Jose Adrian Bonilla Bonilla (CRc|Fuerteventura-Canarias)    
29 Wesley Sulzberger (Aus|South    
30 Frantisek Rabon (Cze|T-Mobile)    
31 Thomas Berkhout (Ned|Rabobank)    
32 Martin Pedersen (Den|Team CSC)    
33 Piet Rooijakkers (Ned|Skil-Shimano)    
34 Samuel Caldeira (Por|Duja Tavira)    
35 Coen Vermelfoort (Ned|Rabobank)    
36 Evan Oliphant (GBr|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed)    
37 Serge Pauwels (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen)    
38 Kenny Van Hummel (Ned|Skil-Shimano)    
39 Christopher Froome (Ken|Team Konica Minolta)    
40 Kenny De Ketele (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen)    
41 Floris Goesinnen (Ned|Skil-Shimano)    
42 David Deroo (Fra|Skil-Shimano)    
43 David Munoz Banon (Spa|Fuerteventura-Canarias)    
44 David Blanco (Spa|Duja Tavira)    
45 Paul Sneeboer (Ned|Duja Tavira)    
46 Manuel Lloret Zaragozi (Spa|Fuerteventura-Canarias)    
47 Paul Manning (GBr|Great Britain)    
48 Anders Lund (Den|Team CSC)    
49 Mikel Artetxte Gezeuraga (Spa|Fuerteventura-Canarias)    
50 Emilien Berges (Fra|Agritubel)    
51 Alexander Serov (Rus|Tinkoff Credit Systems)    
52 Bernardo Riccio (Ita|Tinkoff Credit Systems)    
53 Hamish Haynes (GBr|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed)    
54 Cristopher Newton (GBr|    
55 Adrian Palomares Vilaplana (Spa|Fuerteventura-Canarias)    
56 Bert De Backer (Bel|Navigators Insurance)    
57 Vicente David Bernabeu Armengol (Spa|Fuerteventura-Canarias)    
58 Andrew Tennant (GBr|Great Britain) 0:00:15  
59 Giosue’ Bonomi (Ita|Barloworld)    
60 Simon Richardson (GBr|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles) 0:00:20  
61 Martijn Keizer (Ned|Rabobank)    
62 Ryan Bonser (GBr|    
63 Tom Stubbe (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen)    
64 Rob Partridge (GBr| 0:00:23  
65 Russell Hampton (GBr|Great Britain)    
66 Lars Bak (Den|Team CSC)    
67 Nico Mattan (Bel|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed)    
68 Servais Knaven (Ned|T-Mobile)    
69 Salvatore Commesso (Ita|Tinkoff Credit Systems)    
70 Adam Bonser (GBr|    
71 Kristian House (GBr|Navigators Insurance)    
72 Daniel Fleeman (GBr|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed)    
73 Nicolas Vogondy (Fra|Agritubel)    
74 Tony Gibb (GBr|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles)    
75 Travis Allen (RSA|Team Konica Minolta)    
76 Rodney Green (RSA|Team Konica Minolta)    
77 David Rodriguez (USA|Navigators Insurance)    
78 Simon Gaywood (GBr|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles)    
79 Cedrid Coutouly (Fra|Agritubel) 0:00:27  
80 Elia Aggiano (Ita|Tinkoff Credit Systems) 0:00:28  
81 Gordon McCauley (NZl|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles) 0:00:29  
82 Roel Vanmuysen (Bel|Navigators Insurance) 0:00:31  
83 Tom Diggle (GBr| 0:00:56  
84 Simon Holt (GBr|    
85 Ian Stannard (GBr|T-Mobile) 0:01:00  
86 Dennis Van Niekerk (RSA|Team Konica Minolta)    
87 Enrico Degano (Ita|Barloworld) 0:01:18  
88 Ed Clancy (GBr|Great Britain) 0:01:26  
89 Diego Caccia (Ita|Barloworld) 0:02:03  
90 Matt Cooke (USA|Navigators Insurance)    
91 Jay Thompson (RSA|Team Konica Minolta) 0:02:03  
92 Alex Dowsett (GBr|Great Britain)    
93 James Millard (GBr|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles) 0:02:11  
94 James McCallum (GBr|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles) 0:02:12  
95 Nelson Vitorino (Por|Duja Tavira) 0:02:24  
96 Ricardo Mestre (Por|Duja Tavira)    
97 Linus Gerdemann (Ger|T-Mobile) 0:02:43  
98 Daniele Contrini (Ita|Tinkoff Credit Systems) 0:03:46  
99 Robbie Hunter (RSA|Barloworld) 0:04:07  
100 Kurt Hovelijnck (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen)    
101 Hans Dekkers (Ned|Agritubel) 0:05:31  
General classification after stage 1    
1 Mark Cavendish (GBr|T-Mobile) 3:09:59  
2 Nikolai Trusov (Rus|Tinkoff Credit Systems) 0:00:14  
3 Piet Rooijakkers (Ned|Skil-Shimano) 0:00:16  
4 Alexander Serov (Rus|Tinkoff Credit Systems) 0:00:18  
5 Zakkari Dempster (Aus|South    
6 Luke Roberts (Aus|Team CSC)    
7 Frantisek Rabon (Cze|T-Mobile) 0:00:19  
8 Geraint Thomas (GBr|Barloworld)    
9 Martin Garrido (Arg|Duja Tavira) 0:00:20  
10 Cristopher Newton (GBr|    
11 Emilien Berges (Fra|Agritubel)    
12 Tom Veelers (Ned|Rabobank) 0:00:21  
13 David Blanco (Spa|Duja Tavira)    
14 Romain Feillu (Fra|Agritubel) 0:00:22  
15 Coen Vermelfoort (Ned|Rabobank)    
16 Matthew Goss (Aus|Team CSC)    
17 Gene Bates (Aus|South    
18 Paul Manning (GBr|Great Britain)    
19 Juan Jose Haedo (Arg|Team CSC)    
20 Simon Clarke (Aus|South 0:00:23  
21 Maarten Tjallingii (Ned|Skil-Shimano)    
22 Daniel Lloyd (GBr|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed)    
23 Steven Caethoven (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen)    
24 Manuel Lloret Zaragozi (Spa|Fuerteventura-Canarias) 0:00:24  
25 Aart Vierhouten (Ned|Skil-Shimano)    
26 John Bellis (GBr|Great Britain)    
27 Bernardo Riccio (Ita|Tinkoff Credit Systems)    
28 Thomas Berkhout (Ned|Rabobank)    
29 Wesley Sulzberger (Aus|South    
30 Samuel Caldeira (Por|Duja Tavira)    
31 David Munoz Banon (Spa|Fuerteventura-Canarias) 0:00:25  
32 Johnnie Walker (Aus|South    
33 Paul Sneeboer (Ned|Duja Tavira) 0:00:26  
34 Vicente David Bernabeu Armengol (Spa|Fuerteventura-Canarias)    
35 Evan Oliphant (GBr|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed) 0:00:27  
36 Roger Hammond (GBr|T-Mobile)    
37 Martijn Maaskant (Ned|Rabobank)    
38 Ben Swift (GBr|Barloworld)    
39 Jose Adrian Bonilla Bonilla (CRc|Fuerteventura-Canarias)    
40 Boy Van Poppel (Ned|Rabobank)    
41 Serge Pauwels (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen)    
42 Christoff Van Heerden (RSA|Team Konica Minolta) 0:00:28  
43 David Deroo (Fra|Skil-Shimano)    
44 Adrian Palomares Vilaplana (Spa|Fuerteventura-Canarias)    
45 Kenny De Ketele (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen)    
46 Martin Pedersen (Den|Team CSC) 0:00:29  
47 Evert Verbist (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen)    
48 Christopher Froome (Ken|Team Konica Minolta) 0:00:30  
49 Freddy Bichot (Fra|Agritubel)    
50 Floris Goesinnen (Ned|Skil-Shimano)    
51 Hamish Haynes (GBr|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed) 0:00:31  
52 Mikel Artetxte Gezeuraga (Spa|Fuerteventura-Canarias)    
53 Anders Lund (Den|Team CSC) 0:00:32  
54 Michael Wolf (USA|Navigators Insurance) 0:00:34  
55 Bernie Sulzberger (Aus|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed) 0:00:35  
56 Andrew Tennant (GBr|Great Britain) 0:00:37  
57 Bert De Backer (Bel|Navigators Insurance) 0:00:38  
58 Matt Cooke (USA|Navigators Insurance)    
59 Salvatore Commesso (Ita|Tinkoff Credit Systems) 0:00:45  
60 Giosue’ Bonomi (Ita|Barloworld)    
61 Martijn Keizer (Ned|Rabobank) 0:00:46  
62 Nicolas Vogondy (Fra|Agritubel)    
63 Servais Knaven (Ned|T-Mobile) 0:00:47  
64 Tony Gibb (GBr|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles) 0:00:48  
65 Nico Mattan (Bel|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed) 0:00:49  
66 Russell Hampton (GBr|Great Britain) 0:00:50  
67 Lars Bak (Den|Team CSC) 0:00:51  
68 Tom Stubbe (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen) 0:00:52  
69 Simon Gaywood (GBr|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles) 0:00:53  
70 Kristian House (GBr|Navigators Insurance)    
71 Simon Richardson (GBr|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles) 0:00:54  
72 Elia Aggiano (Ita|Tinkoff Credit Systems) 0:00:56  
73 Rob Partridge (GBr| 0:00:57  
74 Cedrid Coutouly (Fra|Agritubel)    
75 Gordon McCauley (NZl|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles) 0:00:58  
76 Travis Allen (RSA|Team Konica Minolta)    
77 Daniel Fleeman (GBr|DFL-Cycling News-Litespeed) 0:00:59  
78 Rodney Green (RSA|Team Konica Minolta)    
79 Kenny Van Hummel (Ned|Skil-Shimano) 0:01:01  
80 David Rodriguez (USA|Navigators Insurance)    
81 Ryan Bonser (GBr| 0:01:03  
82 Adam Bonser (GBr| 0:01:04  
83 Roel Vanmuysen (Bel|Navigators Insurance) 0:01:06  
84 Ian Stannard (GBr|T-Mobile) 0:01:27  
85 Tom Diggle (GBr| 0:01:31  
86 Simon Holt (GBr| 0:01:35  
87 Dennis Van Niekerk (RSA|Team Konica Minolta) 0:01:42  
88 Enrico Degano (Ita|Barloworld) 0:01:46  
89 Ed Clancy (GBr|Great Britain)    
90 Alex Dowsett (GBr|Great Britain) 0:02:26  
91 Diego Caccia (Ita|Barloworld) 0:02:33  
92 James Millard (GBr|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles) 0:02:37  
93 Jay Thompson (RSA|Team Konica Minolta) 0:02:45  
94 Nelson Vitorino (Por|Duja Tavira) 0:02:57  
95 Ricardo Mestre (Por|Duja Tavira)    
96 Linus Gerdemann (Ger|T-Mobile) 0:03:09  
97 James McCallum (GBr|Plowman Craven-Evans Cycles) 0:03:22  
98 Daniele Contrini (Ita|Tinkoff Credit Systems) 0:04:07  
99 Robbie Hunter (RSA|Barloworld) 0:04:28  
100 Kurt Hovelijnck (Bel|Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen) 0:04:44  
101 Hans Dekkers (Ned|Agritubel) 0:05:59