British comedy Bike Squad airs January 4

Last-chance officers given two-wheeled beat

Think Keystone Cops but in Britain and with bikes

Cycling cops are the butt of the joke in a new British comedy drama. Popular station is currently running previews of Bike Squad, which will air on Friday.


The show follows a group of “failed” police officers who are given a last chance as members of a two-wheeled beat. The series stars Mark Addy, who previously played one of the less-than-svelte male strippers in hit Brit movie The Full Monty.

Cycling police squads have been a growing phenomenon worldwide in the last decade, thanks to their ability to beat traffic and reach pedestrianised areas cars cannot get to.

The series has been written by keen cyclist Guy Jenkin, who penned the UK cult show Drop The Dead Donkey, which poked fun at newsroom journalists and often came shockingly close to the truth.

Whether real cycling officers will take kindly to being painted as hapless failures in Bike Squad remains to be seen, although the show clearly has its tongue firmly in its cheek.

When the show’s existence was revealed in April, Jenkin told Media Guardian: “It is about policemen who are shunted off to this squad because basically they are not very good as policemen.”

Bike Squad also stars Hattie Morahan, Maxine Peake, Philip Davis, Darren Boyd, Rhashan Stone and airs on ITV1 at 9pm on January 4.


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