Brown, Juarez head-to-head at Breckenridge 100

Former Olympic teammates & two-time defending champion in 3rd annual Breckenridge 100 MTB race.

The third annual Breckenridge 100 Cross Country Mountain Bike Challenge is set for July 22, and two former American Olympic teammates, Travis Brown and David “Tinker” Juarez, will duke it out with the two-time defending champion, local pro Josh Tostado.


Durango, Colorado resident Brown, 37, has never raced this Colorado USA epic, nor has Juarez, 46.

“I have always thought it was way too long for a race,” Brown told BikeRadar. “I don’t know what happened this year! I am definitely healthy and injury free, but I haven’t seen great form this year. I think I have just been a little to busy traveling to have ideal training or rest. I don’t sweat that anymore though.”

Brown’s 2000 Sydney Olympic teammate Juarez has been racing offorad this year, but is still recovering from finishing the Race Across America in June 2006.

For Brown, the demands of corporate life include product development and testing for Trek, Fisher and Bontrager, as well as promotional rounds whenever possible.

“Depending on how this 100 goes I may do the Park City 100 also,” he said. “The Hermosa Creek Classic is a local event that I am planning on. The Mount Morris Wisconsin Offroad Racing Series race is a possibility, since I will be in Wisconsin for Trek World [a dealer event] and I am planning on trying to get over to Scotland for the single-speed world championships from the Eurobike show. I don’t really have a lot of racing that can’t get re-scheduled when other stuff comes up. If the form comes around this fall I may also hit the NMBS finals in Aspen and some other fall events.”

Racers can register online at www.sportsbaseonline.comuntil midnight tonight, or in person the night before the race from 4 to 6 p.m. at Downstairs at Eric’s – with no late fee. You can sign up solo or in teams of three for the Breck 100; meanwhile, for the B-63, which includes the first two loops, racers can sign up solo or in teams of two. Juniors are also welcome at both events.

Solo Breck 100 registration costs $185US, team registration costs $380US and junior registration costs $95US.


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