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Buyer's Guide

You’re probably aware that BikeRadar is packed full of reviews – from complete bikes to bike bits and on all the way down to riding socks.


But what if you’re not sure of what to look out for when making a purchase? You may not know your v-brake from your disc brake, your base layer from your baggies. Fret not – we’re here to help.

With some of the best reviewers in the world, who put hundreds of miles of testing time into pushing the bikes, bits and clothing to the limit, we’re in a great position to advise you on what to look for when you’re spending your hard-earned cash.

We’ve listed our various buyer’s guides below, and broken them down by bikes, components (i.e. the bits your bike needs), accessories (i.e. the peripherals which add to your bike-riding or bike-owning experience) and finally that all-important area: clothing.