Campagnolo Bora art contest

Help Campy celebrate 75th anniversary


The Bora Art Contest is the international online graphics competition promoted by Campagnolo to celebrate its 75th anniversary (1933 – 2008). Between May 21 and September 15, Campy received 587 works submitted from 45 countries, with 60 percent from the United States, followed by Italy, Japan, Benelux, France and the United Kingdom. Artists from Tahiti, Indonesia and China also contributed.


And the 10 finalists are (in alphabetical order):

Andrew Leck, United Kingdom
Chary Chaisawasdi, USA
David DiJulio, USA
Hudson Silva Malta, Brasil
John Bertorelli, USA
Noah Hilsenrad, USA
Rick Fransen, Netherlands
Rudiger Karzel, Germany
Sharon Templeton, Canada
Tim Tribe, United Kingdom

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