Canadian cyclist sues race organizers for $20 million

Claims race was held under unsafe conditions


Christopher Uy, a Canadian Masters racer, is suing the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) and the Hamilton Cycle Club (HCC) for $20 million after he suffered severe head trauma as the result of a crash at the Good Friday Road Race held last April in Hamilton, Ontario.


It was reported in the Hamilton Spectator that Uy, 32, a member of the Mississauga Bicycle Club, joined the combined Senior 4-Master 3 field of more than 200 participants for his first-ever road cycling race.

Uy crashed over his handlebars when the peloton suddenly slowed down on the first lap. He was airlifted to the Hamilton General Hospital, where he stayed for more than three months  with severe brain injuries.

According to his partner Christine James,  Uy has filed the lawsuit alleging that the two organizations held the race under unsafe conditions, an unreasonable amount of participants were permitted on course, did not adhere to international race standards and failed to adequately warn Uy of potential race dangers.

It was reported in the Hamilton Spectator that Detective Constable Jeff Majik, of collision reconstruction, said the police will raise the issue of safety with race organizers in an effort to make adjustments to the course. “From our point of view, the issue is the number of participants and the lack of space,” he said.

Uy was the head chef at the Windsor Arms Hotel and has not been able to work since the crash.

The Ontario Cycling Association and the Hamilton Cycling Club have not issued a statement in their defense and did not immediately respond to inquiries regarding to the lawsuit.


This year’s Good Friday Road Race is scheduled to take place on a slightly varied circuit on April 23 in Hamilton, Ontario.