Car Surfing

WARNING! Do not even think of attempting this. Rob Jarman is not a role model and if you try to copy

What makes a man strap his bike to the roof of a van, climb aboard and get driven around at nearly 100mph? You’ve just gotta read this!



Do not even think of attempting this. Rob Jarman is not a role model and if you try to copy this crazy, stupid, foolish, selfish, idiotic idea you will not only risk your own life but the lives of others. It is completely against the law and you will quite rightly be punished. Got the message?

What a great idea! While researching aerodynamics for my attempt at the tandem world speed record, I met British speed ski champion Dr Nigel Brockton who let me into a training secret. Before he had access to a wind tunnel, he used to practise his aero tuck on the roof of his car, clipping his skis into the roof rack and getting his mate to blast up and down the road at silly o’clock in the morning. Brilliant!

I immediately got on the blower to Phil House, an old pal who also happens to be a Clio Cup driver and instructor at Croft racetrack near Darlington. Two weeks later, with a sturdy roof rack courtesy of my friend ‘Chris the Welder’, all I have left to do is find a decent car. Trouble is, no one’s terribly forthcoming.

“What happens if the car has a blowout or a breakdown at full speed and flips over with you on the roof?”

Er, I haven’t really taken it into consideration. “Well, I guess I’d get flattened and the marshalls would have to wash me off the track, but what’s the chances of that happening?”

Sod it, if I can’t have anything fancy, I’ll use my own wheels. It may not be a Ferrari or a Porsche, but it is a Mercedes [cough] van. It has the same key as an AMG Merc, which I often jangle when I’m trying to woo the ladies. Plus it has metallic paint, alloys and the added bonus of being able to carry a ton.

Perfect features for a racetrack. The day dawns and my instructions to Phil are short and sharp: “Flat out!”……..


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