Changing Times

We'll have the World Cup downhill on the BBC's Grandstand next weekend (4pm, Sunday) and now Ffionn

MTB bad girl hits Top People’s Paper

We’ll have the World Cup downhill on the BBC’s Grandstand next weekend (4pm, Sunday) and now Ffionn Griffiths is featured in a five column feature in The Times above the fold.. At long last mountain biking and downhill is being taken seriously. (Much of the publicity, sponsors may note, comes from the girls who have the women’s interest pages and programmes to play with not just the over-loaded sports sections).


A tip of the hat to Ffionn!

It’s not so rosy in the States, according to the photographers at the World Championships who say they find it had to sell Downhill pictures at all.

The US bike industry has taken against downhill, starting, it seems from here, with Specialized’s decision to sack off its downhill team following the high profile experiment with Sean Palmer.

The reason given is that the various companies aren’t selling very many downhill bikes.

Which is like Ferrari giving up on Grand Prix racing because they don’t sell a lot of F1 cars.


Of course the fact that the Americans don’t have anyone in contention at the World Championship level might have something to do with it.