Charge Bikes sign US rider on strength of a YouTube clip

Extreme riding on a 700c wheel commuting bike…


Charge Bikes’ head honcho Nick Larsen has signed 17 year old Philadelphian Tom LaMarche after seeing his impressive riding skills here.


Tom has been riding fixed for about a year, and he’ll be riding the Charge Plug [read the sneak preview here] in fixed mode and keeping everyone up to date with his riding progress in the team section of the Charge site.

Nick Larsen said: “I am really exited to get Tom on to the team, and he’d have made it on to the team wherever he came from. His skills on a fixed bike are crazy and if you have ever ridden one you would know!”


On taking on their first overseas rider, Nick said: “It is a bit of an unknown…but the fact that I first saw him on YouTube a few months back (along with nearly 20 thousand other people) shows he is doing a pretty good job of promoting himself.”