Chipotle Le Burrito available during Le Tour

Limited edition fast food created to celebrate Team Slipstream

Chipotle Mexican Grill today announced that it will offer a new, limited time burrito in honor of American cycling team, Slipstream-Chipotle, which will compete in the Tour de France in July. Called “Le Burrito,” it will be featured in all Chipotle restaurants nationwide throughout the Tour de France, which runs from July 5 through July 27.


“We have sponsored team Slipstream-Chipotle for three years because we share their belief in doing things the right way,” said Steve Ells, founder, chairman and CEO of Chipotle. “To the team, that means working to eliminate drugs and doping from professional cycling. To Chipotle, it means eliminating the use of antibiotics, hormones and other drugs from livestock farming. That is one of the ways we are changing the way the world thinks about and eats fast food.”

Remember the Taco Bell television ad with Greg LeMond? No?! Here it is, fast food lovers.  For Gatorade-drinking bike messengers, here’s another video gem

Le burrito, slipstream-chipotle style: le burrito, slipstream-chipotle style

Le Burrito is a Chipotle burrito filled with naturally raised chicken (from birds that are raised in a humane way, never given antibiotics or added hormones, and fed a pure vegetarian diet), black beans, cilantro lime rice, mild tomato salsa, and freshly made guacamole. This combination provides an energy-boosting ratio of 65 percent carbohydrates, 25 percent fat, and 15 percent protein that allows cyclists to perform at their best while racing.

“Professional cycling is incredibly grueling, and riders need to fuel their bodies with good, whole foods that will sustain them through their hours on the bike,” said Jonathan Vaughters, directeur sportif at Slipstream-Chipotle. “The combination of ingredients in ‘Le Burrito’ is an important part of what these riders eat to keep them performing at the highest levels.” Or hours on the team bus, like the team experienced in the mean streets of Italy when they got lost heading to the hotel following their stage one victory in Palermo May 10.


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