Chris Hoy offered chance to co-host Classic Rock Awards

Hoy to team up with Ozzy Osbourne to present the Roll of Honour?

Wil Hoy be seeing more of the bright lights?

Chirs Hoy, four-time Olympic Champion, will add an unusual accolade to his collection if he accepts an offer from Ozzy Osbourne to co-present the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards due to take place on 3 November.


The event, hosted by Classic Rock Magazine in association with, gives the public the chance to vote for their favourite bands, albums and newcomers (among other categories) by visiting the Roll of Honour website prior to the show.

Whether or not the ‘Flying Scotsman’ will agree to attend the Awards is as yet unknown.


The invitation is indicative of the wave of popularity that’s swept up Hoy since his Olympic success, something that he seems to be using to benefit the future of cycling. It can only strengthen the sport in the face of recent doping reveletions