Commuting by bike week

Save money, lose weight and cut travel time

Commuting by bike to work is cheap, quick and gets you fit

Riding your bike to work is cheap and quick, and helps keep you fit into the bargain. This week on BikeRadar in conjunction with our sister magazine Cycling Plus, we’re focusing on all you need for your pedal-powered commute.


We start with “why ride?”  How cycling can make you happier, live longer, save money, get fitter and save the planet. It’s true!

Next, choosing your bike is important if you don’t already have one. We have a wide selection of reviews of road, mountain, touring, hybrid, urban, folding and electric bikes depending on your preference. And beyond the bike, we’ll have a full guide to all the gear and accessories you might want for commuting.

Once that’s sorted, you need to know how to keep your machine roadworthy. This is where our workshop section will come in handy. We’ll also give you all you need to know on the UK’s Ride to Work Scheme, the immensely popular way of buying a bike tax free in order to commute to work.

We’ll deal with safety issues towards the end of the week and have a selection of top tips from the BikeRadar commuting forum. Finally, there’s a bit of fun with silly commuting racing, the biggest forum thread on the site.


Enjoy the ride!