Comunitat Valenciana request Tour clarification

The sponsor behind Vicente Belda's Comunitat Valenciana team send an open letter to Tour organisers

The sponsor behind Vicente Belda’s Comunitat Valenciana team send an open letter to Tour organisers



The Comunitat Valenciana regional government have sent an open letter to Tour de France organisers ASO requesting that the decision to withdraw the Spanish team’s wild card invite to the Tour be reconsidered.

Comunitat Valenciana point out in the letter that there is as yet no hard evidence of involvement in the Operacion Puerto blood doping affair has yet come out against any of the team’s riders. They also had that Comunitat Valenciana directeur sportif Jos Ignacio Labarta, who was arrested by Spanish police for his alleged involvement in the affair has since left the team.

The letter states that the “secret [Operacion Puerto] case summary does not make clear whether the charges laid against Ignacio Labarta have any link with his professional work as an assistant director of the Comunitat Valenciana team or if, on the contrary, they are focused exclusively on events link to his personal and private life, in which case there would be no link or even implication of a link with the Comunitat Valenciana team.”.

The letter also points out that “the riders of the Comunitat Valenciana team have all passed every test they have been submitted to by the UCI and race organisers”.


Comunitat Valenciana’s backers concluded by requesting ASO reconsider their decision to withdraw the team’s wild card invite, urging ASO “not to deprive the Tour’s spectators of the spectacle Comunitat Valenciana’s riders are ready to provide without listening to wider opinion and the Spanish justice system”.