Could cycle tourism give your area a boost?

European Parliament commissions new survey

The European Parliament has commissioned a study of the economic potential of cycle tourism. Researchers at the University of Lancaster in the UK are particularly keen to find out people’s opinions on the EuroVelo touring route system.


The questionnaire asks for views on topics such as funding of EuroVelo, criteria for choosing a cycle touring route (on or off road, route signing, etc) and perceptions of the economic importance of cycle touring for the country you live in.

EuroVelo is a European Cyclists’ Federation project to develop 12 long-distance cycle routes crossing Europe, covering a total of 60,000km. So far, 20,000km has been finished and EuroVelo 6 is virtually complete across France, where it heads down the LoireValley before entering Switzerland. 

EuroVelo routes must meet certain criteria, such as having no gradient above six percent, being wide enough for two cyclists in all places and being used by fewer than 1,000 motorised vehicles per day.

The Federaton are lobbying for European Union financial support for the project. Some 300,000 euros (£270,000/$380,000) have been earmarked for the EuroVelo trails, but this still needs the final seal of approval.


The questionnaire can be accessed at