Cycle ’08: Bikes go urban

Flat bar bikes for inner-city speed

In our latest roundup from the Cycle Show 08, we take a good look at urban and commuting bikes. These flat-barred machines are purpose built for getting you to where you need to go in relative comfort, without sacrificing too much speed or manoeuvrability.

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We scoured the stands to see what’ll be hitting your local bike shop in the coming months, and found a healthy range to choose from. Our highlights include Cannondale’s concept Stealth bike, as well as flat bar bikes from Focus, Raleigh, Fuji and Scott.

If you haven’t seen our short video on the folding bikes at the Show, have a look on last week’s video of the week.


This is Cannondale’s concept Stealth bike, which won’t make it into production but is interesting nonetheless. Inspired by stealth fighter jets and the Lamborghini Reventón super car, the design bods at Cannondale came up with the Stealth after they saw a lack of innovation in the urban bike market.