Cycling allowed on London’s South Bank again

Cyclists and pedestrians asked to coexist

Cycling is now OK again on London's South Bank

Signs on London‘s South Bank saying “NO CYCLING. PEDESTRIAN AREA” have been removed following Lambeth Council’s decision to replace them with ones saying “PEDESTRIAN PRIORITY. Considerate Cycling Welcomed”.


And in a further effort to solve the long running controversy as to whether cycling should be allowed on this much used riverside path, the Council, police and campaign group Lambeth Cyclists are in the process of holding sessions to encourage cyclists and pedestrians to be more aware of each other- sessions are still to be held 4pm – 7pm on the 14th and 18th of April.

“We want walking and cycling in Lambeth to be as attractive as possible and the way we share our public spaces and thoroughfares is an important part of achieving this,” said Councillor Nigel Haselden, Lambeth Council cabinet member for regeneration and transport.

The changes will hopefully prevent any further incidents similar to the one shortly before the No Cycling signs were removed, when a lady with a disability was stopped by a Community Support Officer and told she should not be riding her mobility tricycle on the path.

Not that the South Bank is the only place where attempts have been made to resolve conflict between pedestrians and cyclists. A campaign on Clapham Common recently sought to ease tensions there and in Edinburgh, police have warned cyclists to be aware of pedestrians following a reported spate of near misses along the Union Canal.


Lambeth council itself has a number of initiatives to encourage cycling, including a £200 cycling voucher for residents turning in their parking permit and subsidised cycle lessons – ‘Just £8 gets you as many lessons as you need to get road confident’ they say.