Cycling England demo town shortlist

19 towns going for £47 million funding

Cycling England has just announced the shortlist of 19 towns that will contend for a share of £47 million which will be awarded to 10 new Cycling Demonstration Towns and one City in June.


The 19 have been selected from the original 74 applicants. Judgement criteria included looking for an existing commitment to cycling, quality staff in the area of cycling and good links to enthusiastic partners. The winners will need to identify match funding, and they will also have to demonstrate that their town has enough potential to overcome existing barriers to cycling and has a clear strategy on achieving this.   

Some of those shortlisted for what will be the prestigious “first UK Cycling Demonstration City” tag have already given a taster of what cyclists can expect if they won some of the cash (the first three listed are those in contention for Cycling City status):


Nine objectives to be completed by 2011:

  • Fill missing links in the cycle network, especially around the city centre
  • Continuous provision for on-road cycling along all major roads and key junctions
  • More secure cycle parking at key sites such as health centres, park and ride sites, schools and train station
  • Provide Bikeability cycle training for 80% of 11-year olds
  • Cycle training support as part of a health referral programme
  • Enhanced support for key projects including bike recycling, cycle maintenance training and special needs cycling projects
  • A new city cycle map and on line route finder
  • Targeted promotion of cycling and walking for hard to reach groups
  • A mass ride for schools and community groups as part of Special Olympics
  • Manchester

  • Aim for a 100% increase in cycle trips on the key targeted cycle routes into the regional centre between 2008-2011.
  • Develop a network of 15 radial cycle routes and 1 orbital city route.
  • Implement 20 mph zones around all Manchester schools.
  • Achieve improvements in the health of people who work, study and live in the Manchester region.
  • Bristol

  • Bristol City Council’s aim is to double the number of people cycling in the city.
  • New cycle paths are planned to link the city centre with Nailsea and provide a waterside route from Temple Meads to Cabot Circus.
  • There are also proposals for a 24-hour automated bike hire scheme.
  • Many cycling commentators have pointed out it is more than a little ironic Bristol have been shortlisted after only recently putting forward a scheme that would have put a bus lane over part of the Bristol-Bath cycle path, one of the country’s most popular cycling routes.


  • Development of additional crossings across the River Dee to connect up different parts of the city with cycle and pedestrian friendly facilities
  • The redesign and build new cycle routes, but also used to train people to cycle safely.
  • Preston

  • Improving access for cyclists into the City Centre, building upon existing initiatives to reduce traffic in the city centre.
  • A network of radial routes leading into the city centre, including improvements to existing routes on an old railway and canal
  • Improved routes to railway station. A separate bid is also being made for a station travel plan for Preston
  • A spokesman for Lancashire County Council also pointed out further points in Preston’s favour: “the city has a flat topography with most places being within 3 miles of the city centre. It is home to UCLAN, one of the country’s largest universities and there is strong support for cycling initiatives within the university and the city. British Cycling have recently appointed a Go Ride officer to cover the city and lottery funding has been received for a cycling for health scheme.”


    The full list of shortlisted applicants is: Blackpool, Cambridge, Chester, Colchester, Coventry City, Greater Bristol, Leicester Leighton Linslade, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Shrewsbury, Southampton, Southend, Southport & Ainsdale, Stoke-on-Trent, Weston-super-Mare, Woking, York