Cycling is cool for kids… and canines too

No need to leave offspring and pooch at home

Away from the new mountain and road bike models at the London Cycle Show, the kids’ market was well and truly covered too.


If you want to get on your bike and include the children, it’s never been easier, in fact there’s no excuse to leave the dog at home either. A new trailer on the market is designed to allow your pooch to accompany you on those long rides, enjoying the views in weatherproof splendour. We haven’t quite worked out what happens if you’ve got both a dog and a child to tow along…maybe there’s a gap in the market there. Meantime here’s some of the kid and canine related offerings we spotted in London.


First up is the nifty looking trioBike – a bicycle, twin buggy and child transportation device all rolled into one.

In child transportation mode, the front wheel of the bike sits neatly out of the way underneath the buggy:

Passengers are securely fastened while the ‘driver’ pedals at the back.

The buggy can carry 80 kilos, which works out at about two children aged 0-9 years old. And there’s no problem with the little scamps getting soaked in a downpour; a retractable weatherproof hood will take care of the wet stuff.

This looks like an ideal transportation device for short journeys to the shops – and if that run includes a big hill, the Shimano Nexus gearing should deal with it comfortably. On the way down the other side there are disc brakes on the buggy and a coaster brake on the bike to ensure you keep everything under control.

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Early Rider

British company Early Rider make bikes for pre-school children, and they certainly pay plenty of attention to detail in their construction and decoration.

Everything is geared towards increasing the child’s confidence before they get a ‘big bike’ – the steering system can be restricted so as to prevent overturning, while the balance of the frame material makes riding more simple.

Check out the hand warmers on this model:

Croozer Dog

And just so the family mutt isn’t left out on all those trips away, Croozer have developed a dog trailer. If Fido is feeling tired and can’t keep up with your lightning pace on the bike, clip his lead to the inside of the Croozer Dog and let your pooch relax and take in the view. There are side windows with insect protection (I’m sure the dog will be glad of that), and the whole thing folds flat in seconds. We’ll try and get one in for Jez’s dog Judy.

Chariot CX1


If it’s a child carrying trailer you’re after then Chariot probably had the thing for you at the show. Cycle with it, walk with it, run with it, ski with it – it seems you can do anything with these versatile trailers.