Cycling on the up in New York

Levels have doubled since 2002

Cycling in New York has doubled since 2002

New York’s Department of Transportation says cycling levels in the city have doubled since 2002.


And sample counts suggest a 35 percent increase in 2007/8.

City authorities added 140 miles of new on-street bicycle routes this year and are on course to provide a 1,800-mile cycling network by 2030.

They have also installed over 1,000 bicycle parking racks, bringing the citywide total to over 5,000, and have started installing 36 eight-berth cycle parking shelters.

Other incentives include the distribution of 12,000 free cycle helmets, free bike lights and proposals for a network of publicly accessible bikes.

The city has handed out awards for bike-friendly businesses – Credit Suisse won one for its indoor bike-parking facilities and so did Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery, which employed three full-time cycle couriers to shuttle baked goods between stores, saving 350 gallons of fuel a year.


During “Summer Streets” in August, motor vehicles were banned from seven miles of streets on three Saturdays.