Cycling the answer to worries over fuel prices

British adults replacing cars with bikes, business could do more

Commuting may be on the rise after another hike in fuel prices

Research carried out by Halfords has shown that British commuters are resorting to two wheels over four in the face of rising petrol prices and the fear of the credit crunch.


Forty two per cent of commuting workers said they would consider using a bicycle to travel to work if they lived close enough, with 36% prepared to travel anywhere between three to ten miles on their ride to work.

Money saving came out as the top reason to use a bicycle, ahead of doing it for the environment and maintaining a good level of fitness. Employees aged between 18 and 24 years were the most likely to start cycling to work, with 51% saying that they would consider using a bicycle.

The survey also revealed that businesses could do more to encourage cycle commuting, over 40% of respondents wanted better washing and shower facilities as well as more secure storage for bikes at work. Indeed, 61% of employees weren’t aware of the various incentive schemes that offer the opportunity to purchase bikes at discounted and tax-free rates


Paul Bullett from Halfords said, “Our research suggested that as many as one in five of employees would consider buying a bike if their employer provided a cheaper way to do it.  While we appreciate that great strides for cycling provision have already been achieved, much more could be done to help get workers onto bikes.”