Cyclist loses damages case against fellow cyclist

Scottish jury finds defendant wasn't at fault

Group riding can be dangerous

The Scottish Court of Session has ruled against a cyclist who was suing another cyclist after a crash on a group ride.


The plaintiff in the case was John Telfer, who was asking £370,000 in damages from Gordon MacPherson. He claimed that MacPherson was responsible for a crash in a group of nine riders that occurred on June 15th, 2003.

MacPherson and his son Colin were leading the bunch and had an impromptu sprint. MacPherson hit a manhole cover and crashed, bringing down most of the riders behind. Telfer was at the back, but couldn’t avoid the downed riders and went over the handlebars. He injured his spine and suffered temporary paralysis as a result, and had to be retired from his job on medical grounds.


Telfer claimed that MacPherson was not in full control of his bicycle and therefore at fault in the accident. But the jury in the case did not agree, and ruled against Telfer.