Cyclists overlooked in English coastline access plans

CTC wants bike riders to register their concerns to the Government


Cyclists are among several outdoor groups being overlooked in plans to open up access to the English coastline according to CTC, the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation.


“The Government wants to create an ‘access corridor’ around the entire English coastline – but is only thinking of walkers,” said the CTC’s off-road campaigner Richard George. “Cyclists and other non-motorised users have been forgotten. The seaside should be a perfect place to cycle, but we’re only allowed to cycle on seven percent of the coast.

“CTC wants cyclists to be included, and the Government has asked us to show ‘demand and opportunities’ for coastal cycling. We want to hear about all the places you’d love to cycle, if only you had the chance!”

Other groups are also lobbying for access rights as part of the new plan: The Ramblers’ Association (RA), British Canoe Union, British Mountaineering Council, British Caving Association, Central Council of Physical Recreation, Equestrian Access Forum, International Mountain Biking Association UK and the Open Spaces Society.

Those interested can visit to find out more. The consultation closes on September 11th.


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