Cyclists pack onto Eurostar

Reservation system boosts two-wheeled tunnel crossings

Cyclists are able to reserve their bikes onto the train they're travelling on.

Eurostar has announced a 300% increase in the number of bikes it carries across the English Channel following the introduction of a new bicycle reservation system.


The new system enables cyclists to reserve a place for their bikes on the same train they are travelling on.  The service costs £20 for a one way journey and is available between London, Paris and Brussels. 

The system was introduced following discussions with CTC – the UK National Cyclists’ Organisation – and after calls from other cycling groups to make it easier for passengers to plan a cycling holiday using Eurostar. 

Between April and August 2007, Eurostar’s registered baggage service (before pre-booking a specific train became possible) carried 347 bicycles.  Between April and August this year, the launch of the reservation system has increased the number of bikes carried to 1,377.

Simon Montague, director of communications at Eurostar, said: “We are delighted that Eurostar’s new bike reservation service is proving so popular with cyclists. Travelling by bike is a great and environmentally sound way to explore London, Paris and Brussels.”


Bike reservations can be made by calling 08705 850 850.