Dario Frigo and wife handed suspended jail terms

Three months each for transporting doping products

Dario Frigo during his Fassa Bortolo days

Disgraced Italian cyclist Dario Frigo has been handed a three-month suspended jail term by a French appeals court following his arrest during the 2005 Tour de France in relation to a doping affair.


At a first court hearing in Albertville, Frigo and his wife Susanna were both given a six-month suspended jail term, and fined a total of 8,757 euros after Susanna Frigo was discovered transporting doping products in her car.

The couple appealed that decision and late Thursday the appeal court handed down suspended three-month jail terms to both Frigo and his wife.

The scandal erupted when Susanna Frigo was stopped by customs police on July 11, 2005 and found with doping products, including the banned blood booster EPO (erythropoietin), in her car. Dario Frigo, then riding for Fassa Bortolo, was questioned by police two days later prior to the 11th stage of the race.

Frigo later claimed he had been a “victim of the system”, pointing the finger at an “organised system of doping” within his team.


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